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Sharing my Professional Experience



I'm Anna Madden, an English: Text, Business Writing and Digital Studies major at the University of New Hampshire. 

I study the foundations for developing clear and compelling written content, with an emphasis on using digital tools.

Currently, I intern within the communications field. I help create engaging material to educate and inspire readers. To learn more about my experiences, click the link below.

Screenshot 2023-04-13 at 12.38_edited.jpg

Skills and experience


-Public speaking

-Website editing and drafting

-Microsoft Word proficiency

-Microsoft Outlook proficiency

-Microsofts Teams proficiency

-Knowledge of digital mediums

-Third year college student

-UNH Sustainability Institute Intern:

-Produce 3-4 blog posts per month

-Edit and publish website content

-Interview blog contributors

-Assist with social media management


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