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My Student Portfolio

Click the link below to explore my ThingLink, through Maine MILL.


For this project, I worked with a team of peers to design a virtual reality experience for Maine MILL (Museum of Innovation, Learning, and Labor). Located in Lewiston-Auburn Maine, the Museum features exhibitions, educational programs, and events on the rich industrial heritage of the area's past. 


My cohort and I partnered with the Museum to create a tour of its showcased exhibit, The Industrial Heart: Enterprise, Innovation, and Creativity. Through ThingLink, we developed an interactive 360 view of the exhibit, with icons serving as information references. Each icon contained a section of text explaining the historical purpose and context of the featured item, as well as first person testimonies imbedded for an oral learning component.

Click the link below to explore my Wix Website.


This website was designed to provide a detailed overview of nutrition for female distance runners. I built this site with the purpose of educating viewers, specifically a younger audience, to address relevant and important topics within this area.

Drawing from extensive research, previous academic courses in nutrition, and my personal experience as high school and collegiate runner, I created the content for the website, with specific sections exploring various concepts within sports nutrition.

In addition to writing and publishing the material, I included links to my sources, as well as additional references for further research.



Click the link below to explore my ThingLink website.

This project was creating using the platform ThingLink to develop a virtual experience of the UNH Department of Art and Art History.


The purpose of this project was to design a visually interactive space that educated viewers about the Department. Part of the site's development was intended showcase student work, so included a section featuring different art pieces for viewing. In building this digital work, I used a 360 image to build a virtual look into the Department.

Click the link below to explore my Google MyMaps website.


Using Google MyMaps, I edited geographic coordinates to include text and media. The purpose of this project was to practice storytelling to a digital audience, where my content was shaped around the medium, rather than simply the text. My map explored areas of the US I had previously lived in or visited, and reflected on different cultural aspects found in each location. 

Click the link below to explore my Twine website.


Using the medium Twine, I built an interactive journey through HTML code. 


Using a series of hypertext, I linked different words and phrases to new pages. The intention was to learn how to build different layers by using text to connect them. In this project, I created a short, fictional story to experiment with hypertext navigation and code.

My Portfolio: Academic

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